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Student Grievance, Complaints & Appeals

SAE is committed to providing a collaborative and collegial teaching and learning environment by undertaking all necessary actions to resolve grievances in a fair and expeditious manner.

Students are encouraged, wherever possible, to discuss and resolve concerns or difficulties directly with the person(s) concerned. There are various staff including the Campus Director, Student Support, the Academic Manager, Heads of Department, Kaiako/Lecturing staff, Studio Supervisors and other staff who are available to assist students to resolve their issues at this informal level. This is the informal stage of the grievance process and must be attempted before a formal grievance is lodged.

If the complaint is not resolved at the informal level, students may lodge a formal grievance. If you would like to lodge a formal complaint or academic appeal, please do so using the following online form.

The diagram below outlines the procedure for lodging a complaint. Further details regarding complaints and appeals can be found in the Student Grievance, Complaints and Appeals policy.

If any staff or students have questions regarding the above policies or procedures, please contact:

Dr. Suzette Major (Campus Director)
[email protected]
027 669 3119