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SAE Health & Safety

SAE Auckland is committed to promoting wellness and ensuring the health and safety for everyone who works, learns or visits with us.

This commitment is driven from our Parent company, Navitas. The Wellness, Health and Safety policy applies globally to all Navitas entities.


The Navitas vision for Wellness, Health & Safety is:

Protecting and enhancing health & wellness

In achieving this vision and living this value, Navitas will strive to continually improve our wellness, health & safety systems and performance through a pro-active, inquisitive, consultative approach focussed on the following objectives

  • Preventing incidents, injuries and illness at our sites and where we operate
  • Promoting and enhancing physical and psychological health & wellness across our sites
  • Measuring, monitoring and reporting our progress against performance targets
  • Meeting legislative compliance, which is considered the minimum standard for Navitas and striving to achieve the highest practicable performance


These objectives will be achieved through

  • Promoting a culture of active, visible leadership and shared ownership
  • Establishing annual objectives and targets
  • Providing and using appropriate resources to support the achievement of our objectives and performance targets
  • An effective health & safety management system that is regularly monitored and reviewed
  • Effective and early rehabilitation and return to work programs
  • Proactive and robust risk management programs to eliminate or control workplace hazards
  • Effectively consulting with our people on decisions that may affect their wellness, health & safety
  • Training, promoting awareness & communicating information on wellness, health & safety
  • Prompt reporting and investigation of incidents, injuries, and unsafe conditions with a view to implement controls to minimise a recurrence
  • Selecting suppliers, contractors and business partners with consideration of their health & safety commitment, systems and performance


Students should complete the Hazard Assessment Form when working on SAE projects off-site, or as required by the teaching staff.

SAE Auckland staff and students should report any hazards they identify across campus via our Hazard Reporting System.

Should a Health or Safety incident occur, SAE Auckland staff and students can report the incident via our Incident Reporting System.

All staff and students must ensure compliance with relevant Institute policies, legislative requirements & standards regarding Health and Safety and ensure that safety takes precedence over expediency at all times. Students are drawn in particular to the section of our Student Handbook which outlines Health and Safety matters including First Aid, Fire Exits and Evacuations procedures.


If any staff or students have questions regarding Health and Safety, please contact:

Campus Director, Dr Suzette Major

[email protected] or 027 669 3119

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